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What is an isotropic structure?

Cold rolled steel is not inherently "istronic." Istronic refers to materials that have isotropic properties, meaning that their physical properties are the same in all directions.

Cold rolled steel is an anisotropic material, which means that its physical properties vary depending on the direction in which it is measured. It does have some improved properties compared to hot rolled steel such as increased strength and improved surface finish, but it is not isotropic. rolled steel can have an isotropic structure, but it is not a natural property of the material.

Isotropic properties can be achieved by a process called equal channel angular pressing (ECAP), which is a severe plastic deformation method.

This process involves passing the steel through a die at a specific angle and with a specific amount of pressure, which causes the steel's grain structure to become smaller and more uniform. This can result in an isotropic material with improved mechanical properties, such as increased strength and ductility.

So it is possible to make cold rolled steel isotropic, but it requires additional processing steps, and it's not the natural property of cold rolled steel.

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