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Point cloud survey: What is it and why do I need one?

A point cloud survey is a method used to create a digital representation of a physical environment using 3D laser scanning technology. It is a collection of data points in a 3D space, which can be used to create a highly accurate and detailed representation of an object or scene.

The process of point cloud surveying involves capturing millions of data points from a physical environment using a laser scanner. This data is then

processed to create a 3D point cloud representation of the environment. The point cloud data can be used to create detailed 3D models and drawings, as well as being used to generate 2D drawings, such as floor plans and elevations.

Point cloud surveys are commonly used in the architecture, engineering, construction, and forensic industries to create accurate and detailed digital representations of buildings, structures, and landscapes. The technology is especially useful for creating as-built models of existing structures, for renovation, retrofitting and maintenance purposes, and for capturing the existing conditions of a building prior to construction.

The point cloud data is often used in conjunction with other data capture techniques such as photogrammetry, to provide a comprehensive and accurate representation of the environment.

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