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Check out Garden Ezee’s most recent modern garden design water feature. It’s pretty impressive!

Everyone knows that Garden Ezee Ltd enjoys building natural stone ponds.

See our LANDSCAPING PAGE. Or take a look at one of our earlier GARDEN WATER FEATURE blogs.

But we also appreciate that ponds don’t suit every garden.

So if you are looking for something a bit different. Perhaps more contemporary. And requiring less upkeep. Then we think our most recent modern garden design water feature will be of interest to you.

Its a stunning water feature that links together the contemporary elements of a new-build garden. Which we shared with you in our March Blog. For a recap CLICK HERE.

Custom built, it provides a key focal point from the house. Designed to be set back into the modernistic, horizontal, slatted fencing. The timber to complement the traditional, monochromatic colours of the porcelain tiles. Perfectly showcasing the neutral white of the water feature’s backdrop.


Its purpose too, to take full advantage of the vertical space.

Not just for an eye catching water cascade. But to maximise the height for the water to fall. Intensifying the sound, flow and movement into the shallow collecting pool.

In a contemporary garden like this, a modern garden design water feature can help to create your own area of Zen.

Water for a positive energy. Set within an uncluttered, and distinct, serene space.

Add garden lighting. And at night an ambiance of drama, mystery and movement will unfold as the water flows.

A perfect garden to contemplate and reflect in.

If you like our recent modern garden design water feature. And are looking at ways to create your own area of Zen.

Then CONTACT US NOW for more information.

Garden Ezee Ltd really can help you dream BIG when it comes to contemporary gardens!

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