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Garden Ezee’s latest modern contemporary garden design build. A great example of 21st century garden landscaping. And a garden made easy – the Garden Ezee way!

Our latest garden design build project. It not only enhances the modern elements of a new home. But it takes into account our present-day lifestyles. A stunning, outdoor space. Requiring little, to no maintenance.

Contemporary thinking too. With the focus on leading-edge garden accessories. Rather than traditional landscaping with planting and flowers.

How did we create our latest modern contemporary garden design build?

The patio doors now open onto a top level terrace. A perfect area to add garden seating.

The terrace has been strategically positioned. To give a full view of the new garden. And to take in the striking garden accessories. These include a modern, recessed water feature, positioned in line with the centre of the patio door. And black bamboo focal points.

Stylish, raised and low planters have been created. These are perfect for ornamental grasses, box hedging and climbers. A modern twist of high impact shapes. All designed to provide colour and structure. Instead of constant maintenance and weeding.

Stunning, porcelain tiles have been laid in contrasting colours. These to complement and contour the different levels. Clever lighting has also been added, to accentuate and showcase the garden.

Finally. The horizontal slatted, timber fencing. Backdrops too. A continuation of the contemporary theme. These tie everything together. Creating an illusion of a personal retreat.

For more information on our modern contemporary garden design & frame system build, visit our DESIGN PAGE.

Or CONTACT US NOW. We will be happy to discuss how the frame system works. How it can transform your garden. And the striking range of materials that can now be used.

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