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Are porcelain tiles a good choice for your outdoor space?

Why choose porcelain tiles or porcelain paving slabs for your outdoor space?

There are huge benefits to using porcelain tiles over the more traditional outdoor materials like concrete or decking. Porcelain tiles are strong and hardwearing and will last for years to come whilst maintaining their original character and charm, and their low porosity also makes them resistant to the growth of moss or mould. As porcelain is nonporous the tiles are naturally stain resistant and easy to clean, what’s not to like!

Porcelain tiles come in a choice of colours, sizes and textures, transforming your outdoor space into somewhere uniquely beautiful. Even if your garden patio area is small, choosing a larger tile can emulate the feeling of space creating a stunning area in your garden.

If you are thinking of a non-slip option, then the porcelain tile is a must. Porcelain is nonporous so will not absorb water, and with the great British weather, porcelain tiles are a great option for all year-round use, the water simply evaporates. Porcelain tiles come with a non-slip rating so you can choose how textured you would like the surface to be. They are also a great option for swimming pool or hot tub surrounds as porcelain is unaffected by changes in temperature so they will not expand or contract, and their surface won’t fade or change in colour.

So, with their superior durability, versatility, variety of choices and low maintenance, the porcelain tile is an excellent choice.

If you would like to find out more about the range and styles of outdoor porcelain tiles on the market or would like some inspiration for your outdoor space, look at

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